A downloadable prototype for Windows and Linux

A city-builder with procedurally generated terrain, and modular buildings that are constructed from tetroids.

this is how far I got.

You can build a single building type, some but no meaningful math is performed in the background. It has an actual day/night cycle.

rotate the building with WASD and place it with Q (hit it fast, it might not reliably take the command). Zooming works via mousewheel, and right mouse-button + movement rotates the camera. The island is freshly generated, every time the game is started.

This was made for the City Sim Game Jam

Github: https://github.com/Glanzer/Tetrix


Install instructions

download, untar/unzip and launch the executable.


tetrix-160516-Linux64.tar.gz 27 MB
tetrix-160516-Win32.zip 31 MB