Ramblings about Bloody Wicked.

Seriously, Bloody Wicked was more than ill-fated. It's build on tech that's probably bound to be obsolete within a couple of months, and some strange incompatibilities with Windows, that I didn't encounter on any previous projects started to manifest. Let's just chalk this one up to dwindling support. About a week in, my father suffered a stroke, and I felt the need to be there for the rest of the family. Unsurprisingly, this also does wonders to one's own outlook on life. Fortunately, due to the quick response of the medical services and excellent care (which sadly isn't a baseline for many), he's most likely going to be fine.

Anyway. If you're reading this, you're probably somehow interested in what happened and will happen with this project - let me just copy the pitch from the game's page.

 You step into the shoes of a female-protagonist who really is a amalgamation of Snow White's "Wicked Queen", Oz's "Wicked Witch" and the folklore figure "Bloody Mary". This should turn out (once it's done) to be a classic FPS-powertrip with puzzles an mechanics revolving around Mirrors.

Which is pretty much based on me, misremembering Snow White in an ad hoc situation ("That's the fairy tale of the girl with the magic mirror") as well, as playing a little too much Crusader Kings 2 ("That bastard gathered the heads of seven clans around her, and now she's going to usurp your throne, throwing your peaceful fantasy-kingdom into a bloody civil war"). It also struck me as especially funny, because in my time of watching children's cartoons, I've always found the bad guys to be a lot cooler than the heroes (Masters of the Universe comes to mind, Captain Planet also). It fit just perfectly.

So here we are, exactly 1 year and 5 days after I put out my first gamejam entry. Any potential exposure through the gamejam, this was intended for is most likely forfeit, and my analytics tell me, I should rather do a city builder (It'd also be some sort of private anniversary), but man, would I have liked this one to be good.

Maybe, if there is interest, I will (want to) revive this, wrap it in more common tech, and make it the Hexen-like I want to play since '95. 

Who knows.


Mechanics Prototype, Linux64 25 MB
Jun 23, 2017
Mechanics Prototype, Win10 40 MB
Jun 26, 2017
Hall of the Dwarven Demo, Linux64 32 MB
Jun 23, 2017
Hall of the Dwarven, Win10 [probably defunct] 48 MB
Jun 26, 2017

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