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This is being made for Mirrorgamejam.

You step into the shoes of a female-protagonist who really is a amalgamation of Snowwhite's "Wicked Queen", Oz's "Wicked Witch" and the folklore figure "Bloody Mary". This should turn out (once it's done) to be a classic FPS-powertrip with puzzles an mechanics revolving around Mirrors.

Sadly, I lost 20 days due to a unforeseen emergency in the family. I like how I managed to make progress, however, and am willing to see it through after the jam. That is, if there is any feedback/interest, of course.

The "Demo" uploaded is just a "Rollercoaster" showing off some of the assets I managed to make. 

The Windows-version of "Hall of the Dwarven" probably is broken for good. It seems parts of the animation data are raising an exception over there, while Linux does it fine. Since Blender's Game Engine is going away anyway, I can't really be bothered to spend a second more than I have to in Windows. You can of course try it out, the download is right down there.
Additionally,  input-debounce in the Mechanics-prototype seems to feel different under Windows, but I could only test it on a TabPro, so ymmv.


The Mechanics-Prototype is controlled via W and D to move forward and backward.
Use Tab to switch modes on the Mirror - by default it's just a Mirror that might reveal things that can not be seen without. In it's second "mode", it sends out a ray of light, which is able to teleport you to the location, displayed in the Mirror, using the Right Mouse button.

Escape quits to desktop immediately; there are no real failstates yet.

First Prototype / Mechanics-milestone:


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Mechanics Prototype, Linux64 25 MB
Hall of the Dwarven Demo, Linux64 32 MB
Hall of the Dwarven, Win10 [probably defunct] 48 MB

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